Kite Passion Italiano


That's why they are called as Romance languages. I'm not a kind of person loves to get a lot of criticisms. From Wikipedia resource you copied above, I want to confirm some things:

E Cortese Carino

It's a kind of insult. Did you do this mistake, Rani? Colazione di qualità e assortimento. Hard criticisms in any languages usually makes me leave that language. Moreover with addition of family's or father's name which basically is not used in any Indonesians' names. Il bel tempo ci ha anche aiutato! Unfortunately, I'm not a German. Franco Rossi - Bologna Sono stato da Franco Rossi a Pranzo con mia moglie in un giorno infrasettimanale mentre eravamo a passeggio per il cuore di Bologna. Germanic languages' grammars make Austronesian speakers get headache and dizzy a lot of times.


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