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The house is simply but elegantly decorated. Meals were scarce and not prepared on a schedule, even when I did ask for food, my request would get put aside.

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Ladies if you do stay please remember to tip them, they do so much for us when we need them the most they deserve it. It felt like family. Aside from my surgery this was the best investment along my journey. So If you want to eat everyday, bring money for take-out thank god, we did I left as soon as I could, even thou I paid for all my days in full, I left with such grand disappointment. I went two times and both times were absolutely amazing. I was scared cause I went bolla after surgery my husband had to leave, their driver picked me up from my Drs, took me to the house. The apartment was freezing the whole time I was there.

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Sabrina is such a caring amazing woman I'm so glad I met her. I am forever grateful for the ladies at dollhouse and will recommend to my family! I made awesome friends there. There's pros and cons so you have to weigh them out before deciding.

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I stayed at dollhouse for a couple days following my TT and lipo. I ended up doing lots on my own and would only ask for help if I really needed it. The recovery for a TT is tough!!!! I never once needed or wanted anything. Their is security outside of the building, the area is close to my Drs office. I was scared cause I went alone after surgery my husband had to leave, their driver picked me up from my Drs, took me to the house. I will not recommend this RH to anyone.

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I brought a bunch of supplies that I didn't need so pack light ladies. You go through so many emotions being away from family, kids your home and being in pain that she listened to me when i was homesick and missing my kids, she helped me feel normal by doing my hair telling me to put on a little make up. They help you shower and even get comfortable. I highly recommend them. The food was super yummy as well. I will not recommend this RH to anyone. I definitely recommend staying there if you're traveling from far away. The other girls and I asked them to call their capo Sabrina and ask her to bring heaters, seems as though they were scared to.


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