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Overview[ edit ] The city of Turenum appears for the first time in the Tabula Peutingerianaa 13th-century copy of an ancient Roman itinerary. Trani's defensive fortress, the Castello Svevo, is on the shore just beyond the cathedral.

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Bari is also an important hub for onward travel. His persistence earned a commitment from Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta to defend the program and work with the caucus to improve and strengthen the program. The presence of other consulates in many northern Europe centres, even in England and Netherlands, shows Trani's trading and political importance in the Middle Ages. Things to see in Trani Trani doesn't have many specific tourist sights; it's the sort of place to wander along lanes and admire harbour views. Overview[ edit ] The city of Turenum appears for the first time in the Tabula Peutingeriana , a 13th-century copy of an ancient Roman itinerary. Nicholas to the famous saint venerated in nearby Bari. The th Congress opened in January and already has concluded much of its business leading into its final session days in November and December of this year. Nearby is a twelfth-century church built by the Knights Templar, the Chiesa di Ognissanti. It dates to and is one of the many castles built in southern Italy by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, one of the area's most interesting historical figures.

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Its decorative bronze doors now displayed inside are the work of a local artist, Barisano da Trani. Trani was on a route used by crusaders heading to and from the Holy Land, and there was a hospital here for the sick and wounded. Trani makes a good day-trip if you are staying in Bari or nearby. In the year Trani issued the Ordinamenta et consuetudo mariswhich is the oldest surviving maritime law code of the Latin West. Its port, well placed for the Crusadesthen developed greatly, becoming the most important on the Adriatic Sea.


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