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Storm, for her part, did not have to get a gun, as she instead came with a spinning cloud formation platform. If you were to google X-Men: You do have to give them credit for at least sort of coming up with a reason for why the X-Men are all packing heat, and that's that this was an alternate universe where the X-Men were forced to use a different approach the alternate universe angle also allowed them to use re-painted Age of Apocalypse figures for some of the figures, such as Jean Grey.

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It's as if he wants to surprise them with some new move that he worked on in the cave. Icahn fought to take control of the company from Perelman. Toy Biz designed the toys, Toy Biz Worldwide manufactured most but not all of them, and Marvel Enterprises distributed. I started reading X-Men from way back and all that time, Wolverine had metal claws which came out from the backs of his gloves. Since then, the X-Factor team has gone through several further line-up changes, but its most enduring contribution to the Marvel Universe still remains Apocalypse.


In the 21st century, the Sentinels have evolved into highly efficient killing machines. The armor is non-removable and Hot Toys advises against trying to detach it. At least Jubilee got a rare toy in this release! In September , Marvel Enterprises changed its name to Marvel Entertainment to reflect the corporation's expansion into creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not much of a variant line of toys! NOT a thing except for two pairs of extra hands - pair of fists with metal claws and a pair of relax palms, besides the pair of fists that come with this figure There's the instruction sheet that tells you what you can and cannot do with this figure.

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