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I moaned into the sudsy barzelletta that muffled my protests. She twisted a big thick pink towel snugly around my wet hair and held the pink chenille bathrobe for me to put on.

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It ran down my chin and plopped somewhere into my lap just like the suds had when she was washing out my mouth earlier. The wood below the chair was stained a dark gloss from what I assumed was years of her juices. My cock was growing fast. I thought about the wet dream I'd had of a woman taking me from behind, of the one time I had tried to accept my shame about my body and had tried on one of my mom's bras, then fucked my asshole with a cucumber until I came without touching myself. It had been a long time since I had done any of that but they convinced me this one time would be okay. The organizer agreed and unzipped his pants and I dropped to my knees.

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Mommy's cock will fit just perfectly inside your boycunt. I stared numbly at the tub as though getting into it would be the equivalent of throwing myself into a bottomless pink whirlpool that would suck me down to some unknown but awful fate. I obey of course. Governess gave me a long slow wet kiss on my mouth, and I beamed dreamily as she pulled the covers snug and said goodnight. His cock was dripping with my saliva as he started pumping my face.

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