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Just as I was not wowed with the location, I also was not impressed with the food. Just because we choose to drink water does not mean we don't want refills.

Milanese Bella Felicit

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It seemed like a lot of extra work for the servers and made the atmosphere feel more like a diner than a dining room. Kline claims that no comparative scientific analysis has been made of the vellum supports in question: Overall, it just wasn't my kind of place. Now that is an incredible feat, especially taking into account how quickly it came out. Food selection and value was excellent We stopped in around 4: Server came quickly and took our bevanda order and was very polite and pleasant. Louis area for saying this- but I am not a huge fan of provel cheese. Too many carbs and grease. Not a great experience, not a bad experience.

Milanese Bella

The service was friendly and fast. The house salad did not disappoint, crispy prosciutto with a fabulous blend of cheeses atop crisp greens. Jerome in the Wilderness. It was so greasy. Thank you Bella Millano love you it's. He got it when he paid the bill. The food at Bella Milano is very good, but they are also very proud of it. The last couple times we've been there, they've been extremely crowded, and service was very slow. Kemp has subsequently expressed reservations about this evidence.


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